Full ‘Ladies’ Series

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by LaLa

'Grace traverses the dark and the light. Grace is in her choice, dancing, savoring the tension precipitating the cadence of her intention.

Power, it’s always there, glowing, radiant a fire that roars and crackles waiting for the moment that we are ready to burn away a layer of habit and belief. Step into Power and choose again.

From the muddy ground, Butterfly emerges. Soft, new curves slowly stack to reach great heights; inhaling a breath like every breath before – and yet completely new and fresh.

Funk splashes color, rainbow puddles all around bursting juices upon the white canvas of Now. It matters not where they land, it all shakes loose, showing itself for whatever it is, whatever color has been hiding in the black lines.

On your knees, bending back, trusting that hand of life to be there. Sometimes the hand is a bit further away than you want it to be. Open the heart to let come the full force of what only Surrender can bring.'

Bring the full 'Ladies' series into your home, and let their life breathe into your space.

Each piece is a lustre-finish art print, measuring 12″ x 18″.

All prints from individually limited runs of 50, all numbered and signed by the artist.

Frames not included.

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