Elemental Sonnets


A collection of sonnets and symbolic geometry, exploring nature, connection, compassion, and spirituality. Think Rumi meets Shakespeare, steeped in Kabbalah.

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Product Description

In Elemental Sonnets, Daniel Klayton uses the centuries-old form to explore a rediscovery of nature – one that unveils spirituality, sublimity, and reflections of the human experience in the physical world through which we live. Poems are thematically centered on one of the four physical elements – earth, air, water, fire – or the fifth element of spirit that pervades them all.

Elemental Sonnets joins a visual aesthetic to the poetic experience. Every group of five elements is accompanied by a unique geometric symbol – figures combining simplicity with symbolic richness. These symbols weave together, at the open of each group, to bloom in a form reminiscent of the kabbalistic Tree of Life – a representation of the ten attributes through which divinity manifests.

The symbols themselves also evoke traditional representations of the chakras – the seven centers of energy within the body, symbolizing and evoking seven distinct sides of human experience. Though alluding to these and other spiritual traditions, the visual symbols within Elemental Sonnets are open in meaning, and join symbolically with their accompanying poems to create an interpretive depth that each reader may explore and fill.