Daniel Klayton

Poet, author, teacher, explorer, and co-founder of Waistcoat & Watch…

Holding a strong sense of global community, Daniel can be found wandering the world at large. He’s backpacked through South America, wandered Europe, and studied in Scotland. These days, he’s loaded up his backpack again, and can be spotted… well, somewhere between Caracas and Tierra del Fuego.

Living in service is a core value of Daniel’s. He’s spent many moons fundraising for such international charities as Plan International and ChildFund International, and sponsors two little girls in Bolivia and Ecuador. Daniel’s spirit of service has also led him to co-found the Los Angeles-based non-profit Tenth Muse, an organization that empowers female artists to bring fine arts programs – and the opportunity for creative expression – to children and adult communities in need.

Art lives deeply in Daniel. Poetry is his most-loved avenue of creative expression right now – particularly the sonnet form. Really, sonnets. Check out his article, The Sonnet , to read a little about why he loves it so much.

Daniel believes that creative expression through words is one of the greatest gifts language has given us – and he has a passion for supporting others in exploring their own creative spirit. Join him in one of his Guide series, and explore poetry, novels, short stories, and more – there’s a whole wide world of art out there to explore!

Experience Daniel’s Projects

Elemental Sonnets – a collection of poetry and symbolic design by Daniel.

– a collection of blogs exploring the world of literature, philosophy, and more.