Angela “Lala” Cross

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, teacher, and co-founder of Waistcoat & Watch…

Having studied a surprisingly diverse breadth of musical styles, Angela has forged a style all her own. You name a type of band, and she’s probably played in it – from orchestras to African-fusion bands, jazz bands to rock bands, with dance companies to concert soloist.

As an educator, Angela has crafted curricula for grade schools and special-needs music programs – as well as guided countless children and adults into the joys of their own musical expression.

Angela’s visual work is an extension of a unified artistic body – musical, fluid, and poignant, she channels emotion and thought into line and color. As with her music, Angela loves to support others in their own discovery of creative visual expression.

Join Angela in her Waistcoat & Watch Guide series to discover a world of music, beauty, and more – within you!