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Dec 31

Electronic instruments. Electronics are so fused in today’s music world, we hardly notice their presence anymore.  The process of amplifying and recording music on it’s own has cemented electronics as a cornerstone of music-making in the 20th century. But how do electronics fit into an exploration of different types of instruments?

Simple answer: not very easily!

December is upon us! Walking down the street, buildings are covered in twinkly lights, the wandering crowds are filled with cheer, and the air is ringing with that sound we all know – the holiday bells. Bells are a classically religious instrument in Christianity, Shinto, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Bells have always had strong association with

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The wide world of strings! From screaming electric guitars to the most delicate of violins, string instruments are among the most-loved sounds in the musical buffet. So, how exactly do stringed instruments work?
 Actually, a lot like drums! Like drums, string instruments have two essential parts: the material held in tension (which will create the

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Dec 10

Today we continue our journey through the world of instruments with some hand-smacking fun – drums! A drum is an instrument whose sound is caused by a membrane suspended in tension.  A drum consists of at least two simple sections: the membrane (or head) itself, and the supporting structure that stretches the membrane tightly. Unlike

Dec 03

Couldn’t resist. So if that’s not the sort of pipe (or not-pipe, as the case may be), what is the sort of pipe we’re talking about? Or, not-pipe we’re talking about. Or… pipe we’re not-talking about?

 Ok, enough semiotics for today. As per our last article about types of instruments, we’ll call any instrument a

Sep 17

From a young age, we learn to channel our energies along different paths. Throughout one average day even a child will have shifted into multiple states. Note how different the roles taken up by a child are when say, sweet-talking a parent into a treat, and later stubbornly avoiding confrontation for neglecting a chore. As

What is a language? Easy enough to define by example: English, German, Dutch, French… dozens could come to mind. But what is a language, outside of particulars? We might posit a language to be: a commonly understood set of verbal symbols, written or spoken, that can be organized and arranged according to commonly understood rules

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Jul 23

Gil Scott-Scott-Heron titled himself a bluesologist working in the field of Black music. Raised in Tennessee, Scott-Heron grew up steeped in Civil Rights activism and the culture of resistance to suppression and oppression. He earned his master’s degree from the same university as his idol, Langston Hughes. Scott-Heron’s musical output was stunted by a long

Jun 20

Ah, the issue of form. To write with form or free – that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the mind to write Within the stringent narrows of convention, Or to make verse unbound, with free-form lines, And by ignoring structures, thus transcend them. Hyperquoted though it may be, alas it seems I can’t