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Beauty above us. The stars – one of the most basic sources of beauty we treasure. How many times have you gazed into a night sky and marveled at the wonders above you? For as long as humans have been making art, we’ve been striving to recreate and represent the beauty above us. Modern advancements

Behind the camera. Today we wrap up Part 2 of our exploration of a few pieces from photographer Qi Wong – be sure to check out Part 1! 1 of 3   Qi: This was shot was taken at 7AM right after sunrise about an hour away from Los Angeles. Driving by, this location caught my

Behind the camera. Qi Wong is a photographer with a keen eye for capturing and creating expressive vibrance in seemingly simple shots. Multicultural and bilingual herself, Qi has travelled the world taking pictures and building a worldliness of cultural immersion that lives in her art. Qi’s work speaks deeply to the dynamism of humanity: the

Why do we dance? Music and dance are integral factors of every human culture known, contemporary or historical. With such ubiquity, the question of nature versus nurture is bound to arise. That is – do we all dance simply out of social norms? Does every culture we know of include dance simply due to common

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What are the roots and origins of language? Theories and stories abound as plentifully as did languages coming down from Babel. Today, we explore some of the ideas of one of the 19th century’s greatest poet-philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson was one of the great heralds of the transcendentalist movement which was, in its essence,

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