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Uncertain bedfellows. How do art and politics relate to one another? Can they sit happily together? Are they mutually exclusive? 
 Are they destined to clash, or inherently connected? The political and artistic atmosphere of Chile in the 1960’s and 1970’s provides a rich opportunity to delve into the question in one particular time and

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“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” ―Aldous Huxley Music in our modern world is more than entertainment. Knowing what kind of music someone enjoys can tell you a lot about them. Nearly all religions today use music as a tool of worship in some way, and music seems to

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A musical heartbeat. “The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” – William Morris Have you ever become aware of the smallest thing, only to realize that the little thing you’ve become aware of has the largest repercussions in your life?  In fact, it is

What does art mean? 
 That is the million dollar question, isn’t it? Who decides what a piece of art means? The artist? The art-critic? The culture in which the piece lives? The viewer?

 Perhaps the best answer is at once the most and least satisfying option: all of the above. Which leaves us

Understanding a foundation of music. “One chord is fine, two chords and you’re pushing it, three chords and you’re into Jazz.” – Lou Reed Chords and chord changes are one of the dominant auditory features in our modern music making.   The ability to distinguish when a chord change occurs, and how chord changes are

Held back by what we like. Take a moment to recall some of your favorite music.  What is it that has this music stand out to you as near and dear to your heart? Of course, in part there must be some sort of a gut reaction of pleasure, but in addition it may be

Kanye West Kanye West, rapper, producer, singer, song-writer, performer, and media artist – an artist much loved and much hated.   West’s constant media coverage of his relationships, outlandish remarks, or offensive behaviors has created a strong fan base of people who do not like him, but love his music.   Kanye West is an

Beauty out of oppression. Subjugation, racism, and violent prejudice weave their shadowy threads through the early history of the United States. And yet through such tragedy and oppression, the irrepressible voice of a people broke through with beauty, emotion, and genius. 
 One legacy of that struggle is a musical revolution that not only shaped

Getting professional. Whether art for you right now is a hobby or career path, many of us dream of sharing our work with a wider audience – and enjoying the monetary returns that professional artistry entails!

 The world of selling and sharing art today is vastly different than past times – and yet, some things

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The Duke says it best. Duke Ellington, April 29, 1969 – upon receiving the presidential medal of freedom: “Thank you very much, Mr. President. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. This is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And the word “freedom” is one, coincidentally, that we are using at the moment in our sacred concert. And,

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