So what is Waistcoat & Watch?

What is Waistcoat & Watch ?

Waistcoat & Watch is a space where artists and audience come together, in the spirit of exploration, creation, and community.

It’s a space for you to deepen your understanding of art – through our Articles & Media , where our contributors share new angles and perspectives of creativity for you to explore!

It’s a place for you to join a community of creative souls on a journey into art and expression – your brothers and sisters on the path of discovery. Join us in the Forum , and let’s get to know one another!

What's the philosophy behind it?

We’re guided by the philosophy that art is a means of connecting people. What the artist expresses is his or her perspective – of the world, of our lives, of this little thing called the human experience.

When one of us takes in – looks at, listens to, reads, watches – a piece of art, we enter into the perspective of the artist. Artist and audience, if only for a moment, are united.

Yet, bringing our own experience and beliefs, we make any piece of art that we encounter our own. To view and experience art is itself to be an artist.

Here, we’ll support you in discovering and nurturing the artist within – whether you’re a professional in the field, or someone who would shy from calling yourself an artist!

Who's running the show?

Waistcoat & Watch was founded by two of our resident artists, Angela Cross and Daniel Klayton .

To discover more about the Waistcoat & Watch team, check out Our Artists .

What can I do here?

Waistcoat & Watch is a place for you to explore the wide world of art – and express your own creativity!

How can you do that?

In our Articles & Media section, you can enjoy a wide array of articles and media from our contributing artists. Our topics range from jazz to classic novels, pulp fiction to music theory, philosophy to pop music – there’s something for everyone here!

Join us in the Forum , and share with us your cool discoveries, nagging questions, a burning curiosities surrounding art in Explorations into Art – and join the conversation about what others are sharing!

And when you’d like to bring some new art into your own home – check out our Shop , and support one of our contributing artists when you do!

If you’d like to join the Waistcoat & Watch team as a writer, we’d love to hear from you! Fill out some information , and we’ll get in touch soon!

What's up with the name?

Just as the rabbit with waistcoat and watch is the guide down Alice’s rabbit hole, so will Waistcoat & Watch guide you into and through the world of art.

We certainly don’t have all of the answers; where would the fun in that be? And after all, art is often more about questions than answers!

We’re here to support you, and journey alongside you. Sometimes we might seem just as loopy as the white rabbit – but sometimes getting lost is the first step to adventure and discovery!

So come, join us – let’s dig deeper down the rabbit-hole of art, and discover wonder and adventure!

Contact us!

Want to get in touch? Email us at: [email protected]

Looking for the contact info for an artist in particular?

Angela Cross: [email protected]

Daniel Klayton: [email protected]